Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bright nights, city lights.

I actually queued a few posts from the last few days, but then again, I feel I should apologize for not posting in a while. I have quite a lot to blog about such as the 4th of July celebration and what not (even though I know a few weeks have already passed since that day). But yes, I will try to post more often now. I've been quite busy. And trying to organize things that are going on is kind of difficult since it's summer. When it is summer, you just want to bum around and not even bother organizing any of your plans. You don't even care what day and what time it is until you realize that you're meant to be somewhere the next day, or even a few hours before the event starts. 

It's quite early in the morning so please bear with me as I throw in a bunch of words, hoping that it will all make sense to you.

So let me get started on this...

What is that "something" in a city that amazes me? Is it the architectural structures designed to blow my mind because of how high up those blocks of concrete can go? Is it the busy streets and the sea of people that rush past me? Is it the view of the whole city altogether? Is it the hundreds of pictures my mind decides to take as I walk down the city sidewalk in order to take in the whole beauty of it all? Is it the city lights that brighten everything up during the darkest of nights? There are endless possible answers to the question I first asked. Because the fact of the matter is, that "something" is indescribable. It might be the physical things that make up the city, or the abstract things that a city naturally holds. May it be the buildings and streets that I see or the beauty and emotions that I cannot even fathom.

Growing up in a city, without a doubt, has influenced how I perceive one. For me, there are more beautiful things to take in compared to the amount of ugly things that can be found in a city. I think everyone can agree with me on this but there are some areas of a city where it smells horrible or where it seems polluted (street wise... air wise). Of course those negatives do bother me, but they go away at some point (when you move away from that area) and you just get over it. The beauty of the city, though, I can't get over. Because amidst the negatives that I mentioned, there is still that spark that gets me amazed, somehow.

A city is like a dream land for me. It's like a place where I can daydream as I walk about with music playing in my ears. Rain or shine, it gives me the same feeling. Some people would prefer a place where it is calm and quiet because it lets their minds unwind. I, on the other hand, prefer the busy streets of a city. Of course I wouldn't mind a peaceful getaway, but that's a different story, really. In addition, cities have amazing malls and boutiques lying around everywhere, and most people who know me would know that I love to shop. Maybe next time I should talk about how malls enchant me and lead me to my magical palace, or walk in closet. Yes. Maybe.


Ah yes. I must also share with you some of the things I've done to my "Wreck This Journal" book by Keri Smith. These are only some of them.. The others shall be locked away until I decide to publicize the secrets these pages withhold. Does it look like it's wrecked? No. I'm not one to wreck things. The way I interpret the things this book makes me do is quite different. I like different. 
The thing I'm trying to do here is to release my creative self, and if I end up making a mistake in whatever I do on here, I just let it be and continue on. It's not what I would usually do. I would usually stress out and get annoyed with myself for making such a careless scribble in the middle of a neat work. That's why this book is meant for "perfectionists". Haha!
 I'll maybe wreck it here and there... at some point in my life. 

I'm still sorry for not being able to post any fashionista related things. I will be, soon, though! I'm also trying to learn some new DIY stuff so you should watch out for that. :) 

To add to this long blog post, I've also been trying to sleep earlier than usual. I know that's not a very summer thing to do, but I'm quite sleep deprived and I don't want to have my immune system breaking down any time soon. I still make time for people, though, especially the ones from different countries (you guys know who you are). Haha! Oh, the dedication. 

There's a knock on the door. That must be the shoes my mother ordered, without my knowing. They left me at home and told me to wait for it. 
Anyways, I shall post soon, lovelies.
Have a great day/afternoon/night (wherever you may be as you read this)!!


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"I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much. I think this might be it for us, blow me one last kiss."

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fortunate events.

So before I went back to SoCal, I spent some time with my lovely family. Yesterday was pretty much a very casual, "chill" day and we just went out to malls and ate out in this restaurant called Backyard Boiler. It's much like Boiling Crab and Crab Shack, if you've heard of or eaten in either restaurants before then you would know what I'm talking about. We were pretty much indecisive as to how yesterday would go because we never really planned anything. We just went with the "flow" and decided last minute on where we were going to shop and eat.

A new collared top (which is, I must say, quite trendy at the moment), short shorts and my favorite Michael Kors wedges.

This is a necklace that has S (for Shainne) with diamonds on it. It is custom made. My grandmother got it made for me. Super thank you! :)

My Tita and I.

Afterwards, we ate out in Backyard Boiler. Since all seafood restaurants such as this and the restaurants I mentioned earlier have a tendency of getting your clothes stained from eating their food, everyone needed to put on these bibs to prevent the clothes from getting stained and messy.

My dad (right) has overdone it. He was wearing white and it would be trouble if he gets a stain on it. My tito (left) was also wearing white so he, too, was extra careful.

The funniest thing happened though. My dad obviously had his top covered up, right? Too covered up, even. But the next thing we knew, he accidentally stained his shorts! Haha! We couldn't stop laughing.

This is my Tito, my Daddy and my Mom.
Lol my dad's eyes look so small......... HAHA!

I love them to pieces! I couldn't ask for a better family. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have them in my life. I'm very glad I spent such a good day with them yesterday.

Anyway, I will update you soon. I have quite a busy summer coming up!


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"Seems to me I'm exactly where I dreamt I would be, and the view from here is something to see, but I need a hand to hold on to. If I fall, will you catch me?"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge & Wreck This Journal.

Last Saturday, the 30th of July, I accomplished something I never really gave much thought about: walking/jogging across the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe for some people that isn't much of a big deal, but I've never actually crossed any big famous bridges in my life. Does that even make any sense? It's pretty mind blowing how long San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is. It was easier and faster jogging across it, but it was still long. Let's face it, though. I needed to unwind and let my mind recuperate (from all the stress and all the overthinking); as a result, I mostly stuck to walking instead of jogging.

It felt so good to just walk and feel the breeze brush past me. Along with the music that blasted through my ears and the beautiful view that surrounded me, I thought of the moment as perfection. It was just amazing to breathe in such wonder. Plus, I also got a great workout!

The Golden Gate Bridge. It was quite foggy but the sun came up eventually.
(All photos were taken on my phone since we did not really expect to take pictures during this escapade.)
In case it isn't obvious yet (this isn't really a fashion post), I'm wearing a white hoodie and a white pair of shorts from Hollister, and shoes from Vans. It's plain and simple. 

Every time I look at the city of San Francisco, I fall in love. Crazy at it seems, but I fall in love with cities quite easily. I mean, growing up in one did sort of influence my love for all the tall buildings and the busy streets. All the more does it make me thankful to be in a beautiful place.

Whenever I see tall buildings, my mind just goes, "Wow".

San Francisco city skyline.

In addition to this city lovin', I bought a new "book" a.k.a "journal" by Keri Smith called Wreck This Journal. I think by now everyone would recognize this. I started it yesterday, and to be honest, I am trying my very best not to do everything in one day. It's because it's so amusing and it also releases such creativity in oneself. It also relieves some stress and gets my mind off things. Haha! It's a very fun journal but it gives you these crazy challenges that you have to accomplish.
It just helps you to let loose and just be spontaneous.

"Dedicated to perfectionists all over the world."

This is one of the things I did so far. I'll reveal the other pages next time.


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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nail polish, s'il vous plait?

Call me crazy but I really do love painting my nails or getting them done ("mani-pedi"). It doesn't necessarily have to be some extravagant design, really. It could just be a simple natural colored coat and I would still be contented. There's just this glimpse of happiness and this rush of "good vibes" whenever I feel that my nails have already been taken care of.

Moving on, I've been buying some new nail polish lately. I guess you can call it a collection, but I just want nice nails. Haha! So here they are. Come forth, my army of nail polish (hopefully I got all of them)!

I am a big fan of O.P.I. and China Glaze. Most of my nail polish consist of these two brands. I'm also beginning to love Essie. Other than that, i have Savina, which is a very very good top coat. I also have nail polish from Forever21, Rimmel London and Revlon.

Check out all the brands I mentioned to you guys! They're very good and the end results look perfect on nails. Those brands never cease to impress me, whether you use them for intricate designs or for simple and solid colored designs.

I am currently using Essie #752 Turquoise & Caicos. 

It's perfect for summer and for any occasion, really. It looks really neat and sophisticated. Although you would need to put about 3 coats to really make the nail polish shine out, the results are very good and very eye-catching.

I hope I added more inspiration to your list of nail polish must-buys!! Seriously, though, you must try these brands out. Nail polish is one of the essentials on a girl's list of things in her closet, bedroom, etc. Haha! Plus, nail polish definitely complements whichever outfit we decide to wear.

Enjoy, everyone! Have a great and blessed week!
I am currently at a happy state right now.  
I shall keep you guys posted. :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Often do we find ourselves..

Just a thought from my head.. posted this on Instagram already but I thought I should share it here, too. :)

Often do we find ourselves looking through old photographs. Only then do we realize how much we miss, not only the person, but also the feeling of being in that moment with them.


Smile, keep on smiling.

Today, I went to the mall and ate out at the Cheesecake Factory with the family. It was pretty much a last minute reminder for me because I didn't even know that I was going anywhere today. Nevertheless, I enjoyed how the night turned out, even if I didn't have much time to go around the mall to shop before we went to dinner. Haha!

So this was pretty much a picture taken at the mall. My high low top was very loose and very much see through, as you can see. It pretty much flowed ["gracefully"] as I moved about. I really do love this top from Cotton On. 

shoes are from Callisto, courtesy of Nordstrom. The teal nail polish is from Essie. 

Shorts are from, of course, Abercrombie & Fitch. Along with it is a belt from Forever 21.
Spot the Juicy Couture charm bracelet! hahahaha

Afterwards, I went to MAC to buy new eyeliner and such. Sadly, it was the only shop I could visit before we had to go to our dinner reservation at the Cheesecake Factory. 

I ordered a simple fruit smoothie that I ordered from the Cheesecake Factory. It was so big, so I didn't get to finish it. Likewise, we all weren't able to finish the dishes we ordered because of how big their serving sizes were. Crazy!

Farfalle with Chicken and Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce. This plate looks small in the picture, but in real life, ohmygosh it is massive. 

Steak Diane and Herb Crusted Salmon!

The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite restaurants. The restaurant's appearance in itself is elegant and the intricate interior design is quite eye-catching. The lighting, overall, was okay since it reflected off the pretty designs of the walls and the mirrors, but it was still kind of dark. Even though it is known to be quite expensive, their food is definitely delicious and their service is good. They serve their food in those massive plates though, so good luck trying to finish them off. Haha! If you haven't tried eating here yet, well, you must.

It's pretty late so I think I should go to sleep now. I still want to grow taller *fingers crossed*.
I thank God for blessing me with a great day. 
I hope everyone had a great day! Also, have a blessed week everyone! 
Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and catch up on Pretty Little Liars since I missed the latest episode tonight.



Saturday, June 23, 2012

I have this want to stay in bed all day and just daydream..

I have this want to stay in bed all day and just daydream. I want to switch on my music, then close my eyes, then daydream. I want to drift off into a memory or into a fantasy and just stay there enjoying blissful moments. Even if it leaves a bitter after taste, especially when the memory that pops up is far back into the past, I’d still want to reminisce the feelings and the memory in itself. The same somehow applies for fantasies. Even if, somehow, my gut tells me that it might not happen in the future, I still enjoy dreaming of what could be.
It’s a nice way to escape. Who ever said that the only way to escape is to get your ass off your bed and go somewhere you want to be? I mean, that’s clearly recommendable and it would also be somewhat relaxing, but the thing is, your mind could do that for you. Most of the time, before I go to bed or after I wake up, I just lay in bed and wander. It’s definitely an extraordinary feeling for me to wander in my mind. Like, it’s limitless.. there’s definitely no boundaries here. It also gets me excited for what’s to come, for what new memories and experiences I am about to encounter in the future. I mean, there’s only one way to find out if those memories changed and formed who I am right now and who I am to be. There’s also only one way to find out if those dreams and fantasies really would come true. 
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"Wake up, feel the air that I'm breathing. I can't explain this feeling that I'm feeling. I won't go another day without you."